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  Listening Part(听力部分)


  (    ) 1. A. science         B. straight      C. street

  (    ) 2. A. slow down        B. on foot     C. by bus

  (    ) 3. A. next week       B. take a trip    C. comic book

  (    ) 4. A. traffic light       B. get together  C. moon cake

  (    ) 5. A. puzzle          B. hobby        C. pen pal

  (    ) 6. A. worker         B. head teacher  C. reporter

  (    ) 7. A. angry            B. sad        C. afraid

  (    ) 8. A. see a doctor    B.  count to ten   C. pay attention to

  (    ) 9. A. turn            B. stop          C. visit

  (    )10. A. country       B. gym            C. grass


  (  )1. Jim goes to Beijing ________ .

  A. by ship   B. by subway  C. by train

  (  )2.  _______ at a red light.

  A. Stop      B. traffic      C. Wait

  (  )3.I’m going to see a film _______ .

  A. tonight  B. tomorrow     C. next week

  (  )4.He is a ________ .

  A. post man  B. factory worker  C. businessman

  (    ) 5. You should_____________.

  A. see a doctor   B. do morning exercise    C. wear warm clothes


  (  )1.A. Where is the museum shop?  B. Where are you going?

  (  )2.A.Turn left at the bookstore.  B. Turn right at the bookstore.

  (  )3.A. How do you come to school?  B. How does she go to school ?

  (  )4.A.I must pay attention to the traffic light. B. I’m going to see a film.

  (  )5.A.When are you going?         B. What does he do?

  (  )6.A. Does he live in Sydney?      B. Does he like doing word puzzles?

  (  )7.A. He like reading stories.       B. He works at sea.

  (  )8.A.Don’t go at the red light.      B. Don’t be sad.

  (  )9.A. You should see a doctor.      B. You should take a deep breath.

  (  )10.A. They’re afraid of him.       B. They’re happy.


  (   ) 1. A. Turn left then go straight. B.I go to the museum by car.

  (   ) 2. A. She works at sea.  B. She goes to work by subway.

  (   ) 3. A. He likes swimming.   B. He is a scientist.

  (   ) 4. A .The cinema.       B. Next Wednesday.

  (   ) 5.A. Yes, he does.   B. No, he can’t.

  Writing Part(笔试部分)


  (  )1. A. scientist   B. worker    C. coach      D. count

  (  )2. A. next week  B. tomorrow  C. tonight    D. taxi

  (  )3. A. cinema    B. bookstore  C. dictionary  D. post office

  (  )4. A. shop     B. subway    C. train      D. plane

  (  )5. A. wear      B. when     C. where     D. what

  六、补全单词 。

  (  )1. c_ nem _    A. o, e    B. i, a   C. u,k

  (  )2.p_ stc _d    A. o, ar    B.a, ur  C.o,or

  (  )3.f _ ct _ry    A. u, w    B. a, o   C.e, a

  (  )4.p _l _ t      A. o, i     B. i , o   C. a, o

  (  )5. c _m _c book A. a,i     B.u,o    C.o,i


  a,  afraid,  do,  does,  works,  see , by,  to,  riding,  next to

  1.Her father is a fisherman. He _______ at sea.

  2. I’m going to _______ a doctor.

  3.The bookstore is ________ the hospital.

  4.Does Amy go to school _____ bus? Yes, she does.

  5.My brother likes ______________ a bike.

  6.Is he ______ postman? No, he isn’t.

  7. ____________ he like doing word puzzles? Yes, he does.

  8.The mice is _____________ of the cat.

  9.They are going to ___________ their homework this afternoon.

  10.Sarah’s mother goes _________ the park by bike.


  (  )1. ______can we get there?

  A. What   B. How    C. Which

  (  )2. What does Miss White do? _______________

  A. She likes English.  B. She’s a teacher.  C. At a school.

  (  )3. Does he teach English? __________

  A. No , he doesn’t.  B. Yes, she doesn’t. C. Yes, he is.

  (  )4. I’m going to the ______. I want to buy some books.

  A. postman        B. bookstore     C. museum

  (  )5. She ______ to work by subway every day.

  A.  go     B. goes      C. going

  (  )6. ______ are you going?   Next week.

  A.  What    B. When     C. How

  (  )7. What’s Amy’s hobby?

  A. He likes dancing.     B. She likes danceing. C. She likes dancing.

  (  )8. Stop and wait at a ______ light.

  A. red    B. yellow     C. green

  (  )9. Sarah can’t go to the park. She is ______.

  A. happy   B. sad   C. afraid

  (  )10.Zhang Peng works in a factory. He is a _______.

  A. police officer   B.  businessman  C. factory worker


  1. Mr Black usually _________ (play) football at school.

  2. I  ____________ (take) a trip next week.

  3. The children like ___________ (swim).

  4.  Amy and I ________ (be) going to the cinema.

  5. ----What  ________ Mike’s father _______ (do)?

  ----He is a scientist.


  (  )1. Where are you going??      A. It’s near the post office.

  (  )2. Where is the museum ?      B. We are going to the cinema.

  (  )3. What’s wrong?             C. Yes, he does.

  (  )4. What are you going to do?    D. My mother is ill.

  (  )5. Does he like dancing?        E. I’m going to draw some pictures.


  Mike: I have a new pen pal. His name is Peter.

  John: ____________________       A. Does she live in Sydney.

  Mike: He is a postman.             B. Do you like doing kung fu and singing?

  John: ____________________       C. Where does he work?

  Mike: He works in the post office.    D. What are his hobbies?

  John: How does he go to work?      E. How does he go to work?

  Mike: He goes to work by bike.      F. What does he do?

  John: _____________________      G. I also like playing the pipa.

  Mike: He likes doing kung fu and singing.

  John: Really? Me too! _______________________

  Mike: Yes! _______________________  I often play the pipa to my little puppy.

  John: Hahaa…That’s interesting!


  1. left, at ,the, Turn, bookstore (.)

  2. cinema, We’re, to, the, going, (.)

  3. by, work, He, to, goes, bike (.)

  4. should, this, a doctor, He, see, morning  (.)

  5.  go, at, red, Don’t, the, light (.)


  1. ___________            2. _________           3. ___________

  5. _____________            5. ___________


  There're five members in my family —— my parents , my grandparents, and me . My mother is a teacher. She teaches Chinese in our school. She likes music. My father is a teacher, too. He teaches art in the Guang Ming primary school. He likes going hiking. My grandmother is a worker. She likes reading books. My grandfather is a scientist. He likes playing chess. I am Betty. I'm in Shi Yan primary school. I like singing and dancing. Look! I have a happy big family. Isn't it?

  (     ) 1. Betty’s father teaches Chinese.

  (     ) 2.Betty’s mother likes going hiking.

  (     ) 3. Betty likes singing and dancing.

  (     ) 4. Betty’s grandmother likes reading books.

  (     ) 5. Betty’s grandfather is a teacher.



  一.Listen and choose. (听音,选择你所听到的单词)

  1.science   2.on foot  3.comic book   4.traffic light  5.hobby

  6.reporter  7.angry   8. count to ten  9.visit       10.country

  二、Listen and choose.(选出你所听到句子中含有的单词或短语)

  1. Jim goes to Beijing by train

  2._Wait_at a red light.

  3.I’m going to see a film tomorrow.

  4.He is a factory worker.

  5. You should do morning exercise.

  三、Listen and choose.  (听录音,选出你所听到的句子。)

  1. Where is the museum shop?

  2.Turn left at the bookstore.

  3. How does she go to

  4. I’m going to see a film.?

  5.When are you going school ?

  6.Does he live in Sydney?

  7.He works at sea.

  8. Don’t be sad.

  9. You should take a deep breath.

  10.They’re happy.

  四、 Listen and choose.(听问题,选答句)

  1. How can we get there?

  2. Where does she work?

  3. What are Peter’s hobbies?

  4. When are you going?

  5. Does he live in China?



  一、 (10分)1-10  ABC ABC ABC A

  二、(5分 )CCBBB

  三、 (10分)1-5AABBA 6-10ABBBB

  四、 (5分)AAABA

  五、 (5分 )DDCAA

  六、 (5分 )BABBC

  七、 (10分 )略

  八、 (10分)BBABB  BCABC

  九、 (5分)略



  十二、 (10分)略



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